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Civil Engineering II

level of course unit

Introduction and consolidation

Learning outcomes of course unit

The students are able to:
• Inspect component superstructures and assess them from a constructional point of view
• Describe structural designs and relevant connection details and create them independently.
• Understand construction drawings and communicate their characteristics
• Create simple 2D & 3D plans using CAD programs

prerequisites and co-requisites

Civil Engineering I (TEC.1)

course contents

• Primary, secondary and tertiary structures
• Solid, lightweight and system construction methods in shell and finish construction
• Communication of the constructive interrelations and detailed solutions usually found in building construction (new construction and renovation)
• Requirements (rules and standards) and contents of construction drawings (site plan, ground plans, sections, views and details)
• Introduction to the functions of a CAD program and application

The module contains 50% exercises. This form of teaching takes place in small groups.

recommended or required reading

• Hestermann, U. and L. Rongen, 2009. Frick/Knöll Baukonstruktionslehre 1st Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner Verlag.
• Kister, J. et al., 2012. Bauentwurfslehre. Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg.
• Neumann, D., Hestermann, U. and L. Rongen, 2008. Frick/Knöll Baukonstruktionslehre 2nd Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner Verlag.
• Riccabona, C., 2008. Baukonstruktionslehre 1: Rohbauarbeiten. Vienna: Manz.
• Riccabona, C. and K. Mezera, 2011. Baukonstruktionslehre 2: Ausbauarbeiten. Vienna: Manz.
• Fröhler, R. and R. Mair, 2003. AutoCAD 2002 Grundlagen der 3D-Konstruktion. Munich, Vienna: Textbook publishing house Leipzig in the Carl Hanser Verlag
• Frey, H. et al., 2015. Bautechnik Technisches Zeichnen. Haan-Gruiten: Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel

assessment methods and criteria

Term paper and written exam

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planned learning activities and teaching methods

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type of course unit

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