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Master's degree program

The University always strives to respond to student feedback. Therefore, I can only recommend studying at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol. Wiktor Malicki, BA,
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Stella Volkwein, BA,
During our studies, we analyzed and worked on real problems using case studies. In my opinion, these types of tasks come closest to working life and were therefore helpful. Marcel Ludwig, MA,
Graduate, Event Marketing Specialist Gaming, Red Bull Deutschland GmbH
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Coming from Australia for this program was nothing like what I had experienced back home at University. The focus on practical teaching and hands-on exercises is perfect for someone like me who learns by doing. The focus on international sports and events, with a mix of international lecturers and students, is another huge plus, and the whole experience makes you feel like you are part of one big family. Daniel Melrose, BA,
Rebecca Haid González, BA,
The curriculum offers a successful potpourri of interlinked disciplines, mixed with practical know-how from numerous lecturers, thus creating a strong foundation for a career start as well as professional development. Mag. (FH) Philipp Gamper,
Graduate and Lecturer Sports, Culture & Event Management, Head of Event Programming, Swarovski Kristallwelten
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The international backgrounds of the students and professors create a global networking opportunity and represent an additional foundation for future international professional development. Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer,
Director of Studies Sports, Culture & Event Management
Oliver Hofmann, BA,
The broad nature of the program enables you to specialize in the field of sports, culture and events management and at the same time to put in place three pillars you can build your future on. Felicia Kerschbaum, MA,
Graduate, Researcher, SportsEconAustria