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Tool-driven project management for web-based architectures

level of course unit

2. Master study cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

Students achieve the following learning objectives:

- Students are familiar with various project management tools.
- Students know the advantages and disadvantages of common tools and can select suitable tools.
- Students know how to link and integrate tools with each other.

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

The course provides students with options of how the management of software projects can be supported with tools. For this purpose, different parts of the project management are identified (e.g. source code management, bug tracking, testing, deployment). Tools for these parts are then discussed, such as GitLab for source code management or Jenkins for CI/CD. In addition, we will demonstrate how individual tools can be linked together to provide a better overview during the project, such as integrating GitLab with Mattermost. The students put the theoretical contents into practice during exercises.

recommended or required reading

- Rubin, K.: Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process, Addison-Wesley, 2012.
- Johannsen, A.; Kramer A.; Kostal, H.; Sadowicz, E.: Basiswissen für Softwareprojektmanager im klassischen und agilen Umfeld, dpunkt-Verlag, 2017
- Vigenschow, U.; Schneider, B.; Meyrose, I.: Soft Skills für Softwareentwickler, dpunkt-Verlag, 2019
- Preißel, R.; Stachmann, B.: Git - Dezentrale Versionsverwaltung im Team - Grundlagen und Workflows, dpunkt-Verlag, 2019

assessment methods and criteria

Written exam

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


eLearning quota in percent


course-hours-per-week (chw)


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lecture, group work, presentation and discussion of tasks

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)


year of study


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course unit code


type of course unit

integrated lecture

mode of delivery