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Studienjahr 2018/19

High level of satisfaction among FH Kufstein Tirol graduates 26.03.2019

The second large-scale survey of all FH Kufstein Tirol graduates was conducted in November and December. Almost 600 alumni took the time to answer a total of 26 study-related questions.

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Experts in Education from Across the Globe to Convene in Kufstein 13.03.2019

From November 24-27, 2020, around 500 international experts in the field of education will attend the EAPRIL Conference 2020 at the FH Kufstein Tirol. At this annual conference, the participants exchange ideas about how learning can be even better facilitated.

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Bogner-Strauß distinguishes FH Kufstein Tirol as a family-friendly university 31.01.2019

FH Kufstein Tirol has received the university-and-family Certificate for the third time. The University of Applied Sciences has held this distinction since 2012 as one of 27 universities in Austria. On 01/29/2019, the family minister awarded the certificate.

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PowHowDays presented by Höhenluft 30.01.2019

In the winter semester 2018/19 nine students of the master degree program organized the PowHowDays presented by Hoehenluft.

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New full-time master study program in marketing 14.01.2019

Communication, social media or omnichannel management, search engine optimization or media consulting – companies need specialists in these areas. Digital Marketing, the successful master study program of FH Kufstein Tirol will also be available in the fall as

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FH Kufstein Tirol at the Industry 4.0 Summit in Bregenz 11.01.2019

Prof. (FH) Martin Adam and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schmiedinger of the study program Smart Products & Solutions presented current activities of FH Kufstein in this area at the annual conference of the Platform Industry 4.0 in Bregenz, Austria.

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Conveying digital skills in the health industry 20.12.2018

Claudia Stura and Torsten Wojciechowski from the study program Sports, Culture & Event Management presented their poster on the digital transformation of the healthcare sector at the kick-off meeting of the Life & Health Science Cluster Tirol.

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Three projects pave the way for autonomous mobility in Kufstein 14.12.2018

DLR GfR mbH, FH Kufstein Tirol and the Municipal Works Kufstein jointly examined possible applications of autonomous mobility in the Kufstein region in a study funded by LEADERregion KUUSK. Initial measures are now being realized in three follow-up projects.

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The course Certified International Turnaround Professional receives the renowned TMA Seal 05.12.2018

After a review period of one year and on the occasion of the 12th Annual Conference of TMA Germany, Prof. (FH) Dr. Markus W. Exler received the highly coveted “Tested by TMA Germany” seal for his course.

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Chocolate makes you happy – and successful 04.12.2018

Josef Zotter from the Zotter Experience speaks via live broadcast to 150 students from FH Kufstein Tirol. Besides sweets, Zotter also provided entertainment and passed on some words of wisdom.

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Two graduates of FH Kufstein Tirol receive the Science Prize 03.12.2018

Three graduates from other Tirolean universities as well as Philip Egger and Caroline Gredler from Kufstein received the EUR 1,000 Science Prize – for their master theses on photovoltaics in the Alpine region and blockchain technology.

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ERP Systems & Business Process Management at the European Lean Educator Conference in Portugal 29.11.2018

The ELEC provides an annual opportunity to discuss new insights in lean pedagogics. Prof. (FH) Martin Adam and Maximilian Hofbauer, BSc represented FH Kufstein Tirol among managers, consultants, teachers and researchers.

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News of the FH Kufstein

Sponsion: Feierlicher Studienabschluss in der Aula der FH Kufstein Tirol

Die Fachhochschule honorierte am 22. und 23. September die Leistungen der Bachelor- und Masterabsolvent:innen im Rahmen einer festlichen Diplomübergabe. 356 Spondierenden aller 24 Studiengänge genossen einen gemeinsam Abend mit Familie und Freunden.

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Unternehmertag der Obereder GmbH: Vortrag zum Thema Nachfolge in Familienunternehmen

Am 15. und 16. September 2023 fand der Unternehmertrag in Leutschach statt, veranstaltet von der Obereder GmbH. Unter dem Motto Nachfolge und mehr bot das Unternehmen wieder eine Plattform für Fachvorträge. Die FH Kufstein Tirol trug mit einem praxisorientierten Vortrag bei.

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Study trip to Madeira: symbiosis of nature and local economy

At the end of May 2023, students of the Master's program International Business Studies accompanied by Dr. Bernd Wollmann and Prof. (FH) PD Dr. Christoph Hauser visited the Portuguese island of Madeira to explore its nature, history and local businesses.

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