Coding & Digital Design FT
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Key learning outcomes

Graduates will be able to do the following:

  • The graduates are capable of applying the latest concepts, methods, techniques, tools and their experience in the engineering-based development of web applications.
  • They are able to identify the similarities and differences between traditional software development and web application development in addition to the potential risks involved in the development of web applications. Furthermore, they are capable of predicting future developments in the field of web engineering.
  • They are capable of applying their knowledge of object-oriented programming and have distributed programming skills. They are familiar with the concepts of component-oriented architectures.
  • They are capable of implementing database applications and developing web-based front ends for these applications.
  • The graduates are capable of applying the fundamentals of business management and have extensive knowledge in the fields of web-specific business models and web marketing.
  • The graduates can work in teams and are capable of applying modern methods of project management in order to assume tasks in various project roles.
  • The graduates are capable of using their basic knowledge of web design and usability in order to work together with experts from these fields and make the decisions necessary for implementing the respective applications.
  • Graduates are capable of independently familiarizing themselves with new topics, exploring them systematically based on scientific methods and generating ready-to-use knowledge.