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Bachelor Thesis Seminar

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

The students are able to:
• Define a topic independently and formulate a question independently
• Present the “state of the art” in the context of the question and, if necessary, critical-ly compare different views
• Independently collect, interpret and critically reflect on data with the help of a self-chosen academic methodology, thereby developing and further developing argu-ments and problem solutions
• Present results in a comprehensible manner and according to academic standards in the form of a Bachelor thesis
• Organize oneself
• Independently prepare and learn knowledge and skills from cross-connections of the course contents for the final Bachelor examination in a systematic manner

prerequisites and co-requisites

Scientific and empirical methods (WIS.1), Selected topics scientific and
empirical methods (WIS.2) and contents from the modules with links to the topic of the Bachelor thesis of semesters 1 to 5.

course contents

The module includes the preparation of a Bachelor thesis of 8 ECTS. Within the framework of the Bachelor thesis, regular meetings are held to discuss the current status and progress of the Bachelor thesis with the accompanying academic supervision. The following content is also taught:

• Advancing the knowledge of scientific methods in relation to the independent Bachelor thesis
• Visualization of scientific results such as posters, video, infographics

In addition to the Bachelor thesis, the final board examination (final Bachelor examination)up to 2 ECTS forms part of this module. Students receive information on the final Bachelor examination and are supported in preparing for the examination.

recommended or required reading

• Heisen, M. R., Theisen, M., 2017. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: erfolgreich bei Bachelor- und Masterarbeit. München: Franz Vahlen

assessment methods and criteria

Bachelor thesis and presentation

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planned learning activities and teaching methods

Blended learning and supervision of the Bachelor thesis

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber

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