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Integrated work placement

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

The students can
- apply the knowledge they have acquired during their studies to their appointments
- understand processes in the professional environment
- solve problems and implement solutions in the context of project ending dates (practical competence)
- develop and refine arguments, solutions, and strategies independently (problem-solving skills)
In addition, knowledge of communication with superiors, employees, and colleagues is deepened, further developed, and profitably implemented (social competence)

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

Supplementing the students' theoretical knowledge with practical activities and business law issues in practice. At least 500 hours of full-time employment at an external company (12.5 weeks, i.e., approximately three months with an assumed working week of 40 hours/week).
The work placement ensures that students find their feet when entering the world of work and gain confidence in applying the knowledge they have acquired through the experience they have already gained. Processes, workflows, and situations in the professional environment should be familiarized with and understood.
Support for students during their work placement: reflection, discussion of problems, and experience reports.

recommended or required reading

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assessment methods and criteria

Final report

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planned learning activities and teaching methods

Application of the content from the courses of the first five semesters on the basis of practical problems at the internship provider

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