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Personality development in the appointment environment

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Learning outcomes of course unit

The students can
- demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of personality development in an appointment context
- demonstrate familiarity with the concept of work-life balance
- actively apply the concepts they have learned in the context of their work placement

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

As part of the integrated professional internship, students consider the challenges of everyday professional life and reflect on their current tasks in the internship company in the context of their personal development.

The students will
- develop familiarity with the essential characteristics of conscious personal development in the appointment environ-ment
- become aware of the importance of an appropriate relationship between work tasks and personal needs (work-life balance)
- learn to reflect on their work in the context of their personal experiences
- receive individual and specific feedback from the lecturer as part of supervision

recommended or required reading

- Brandes-Visbeck, C.; Thielecke, S.: "Fit für New Work: Wie man in der neuen Arbeitswelt erfolgreich besteht - Businessmodelle, Work-Life-Balance, Co-Working & Co", Redline Verlag, 2018
- Hübler, M.: "New Work: Menschlich - Demokratisch - Agil: Wie Sie Teams und Organisationen erfolgreich in eine digitale Zukunft führen", Verlag Metropolitan, 2018
- Späth, T.; Grabitzki, S.: "Leben und Arbeit in Balance: Strategien und Übungen für Trainer, Coaches und Berater" Beltz Verlag, 2012

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