Women’s Outdoor Festival Innsbruck

22.06.2018 | Praxisprojekte
Four students of the master program organized a day festival for women on the 9th of June 2018 in Innsbruck.

Elisabeth Steurer und der Jahrgang SKVM.vzM.17, Sommersemester 2018
Kooperationspartner: OutdoorChicks, Innsbruck

The aim of the Women´s Outdoor Festival presented by the European community project Outdoor Chicks was to connect women who love outdoor sports and who are interested in working in this field. For more than 50 participants the students planned various sports activities during the day like hiking, biking, bouldering and outdoor workout. In the evening the team organized a panel discussion with speakers who gave insights into their perception of women in the outdoor industry. In preparation of the event the students had to devise a realistic budget, a meaningful marketing strategy including a specific sponsorship plan.